My name is Rebekah but I am known as HappyCosplayer in the Cosplaying community world. Cosplaying is one of  my three biggest passions! Although I consider myself a motivator and someone who tries to inspire others, so I might even consider that trait being a passion of mine.

I got into anime as a child but never really stuck with it until my teenage years. As a child I watched some pokemon, but my favorite show was Shinzo which appeared on TV weekdays around 7pm. As I grew older I was introduced to InuYasha and completely got hooked! I then branched out and watching anime’s like Fruits Basket, Ouran HighSchool Host Club, Samuraii Champloo, Naruto, Black Butler, School Rumble, and Chobits just to name a few. At the same time I really started getting into Anime I began reading lots of Manga! 

I got into cosplaying by happy chance when I learned that Steam Powered Giraffe would be attending and playing a concert at Anime Midwest back in 2013 in Rosemont Illinois. My sisters idea was we would not only go just to see/hear them but we would go in Cosplay, because why not?! I’m glad we did. We went as Hastune Miku and Kaito Shion from Vocaloid, and I even tossed together a Rin Nohara cosplay from Naruto Shippuden. Needless to say we had a blast and have been cosplaying since then. I have more recently begun to make my cosplays entirely. My most recent cosplays was Black Gold Saw from the anime ova Black Rock Shooter, to which 90% of the cosplay was made by me.

I also enjoy being a YouTuber. I do tutorials, cosplay related reviews, Convention reviews/music videos, and I even upload some Vocaloid covers I make to my YouTube channel. Currently I own Hatsune Miku V3 and VY2V3 for the Vocaloid 3 engine. Just recently I purchased the Vocaloid 4 engine and plan to have two Vocaloids for that by the end of the year.

Thats enough about me for now! My Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and tumblr are all HappyCosplayer so feel free to look me up!!


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