April Female Cosplayer Spotlight: Shy Chan Cosplay

For the month of April, I am going to highlight and focus on some other powerful women in cosplay! Below is a short interview with this cosplayers, and come May I will feature Male cosplayers! Thanks for reading!

Photographer Credits: First photo my Friend Reanna took of me as my Oc Lilith. The second and third photo my friend Gemini Productions took of my Rangiku cosplay. The last two I took myself.

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Why Do you Cosplay?

“I cosplay because it is about having fun and expressing your own creativity. Cosplay is a form of art. Cosplay lets me embody characters I love and it also helps me meet new friends, it will be something I will always cherish.

Cosplay lets me become a character I admire and look amazing doing it. It’s being part of a wonderful community filled with amazing people, I am lucky enough to experience such wonderful events and people that I would have never been able to have met without cosplaying.

I have met some amazing people and voice actors.Everyone can Cosplay and look amazing at it. Cosplay isn’t about who has the best costume out there, Cosplay is about having fun and meeting amazing people.”

When you hear the words ‘Cosplay Community’ what first comes to your mind?

“The cosplay Community, for the most part, is a great community. Yes, we do have some horrible drama and people but that is with a lot of other communities.”

“Who inspires you?

“A lot of cosplayers inspires me. My senpais would be Nana Bear, Schockolate Energy Cosplay, Cupcake_Chen_Cosplay, Levyhime and many other amazing cosplayers.”

Do you have any goals you wish to share?

“My Goal is for everyone in the community to love each other. We are all geeks who just want to have fun.”

Check out this cosplayers Social Media links and leave some encouraging feedback!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShyChanCosplay/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shy_chan_cosplay/



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