The Cosplayer Feature: Alena Meara Cosplay [19]

The Cosplayer Feature is a series of interviews done by HappyCosplayer featuring cosplayers from around the world who would like to share their story. Cosplayers are featured every other day both here on my blog and on my Facebook pages: HappyCosplayer, JustCosplay.

“May you be inspired by them!” -HappyCosplayer

Featured cosplayer: Alena Meara Cosplay!

18839450_1617692318243499_3341571343324332887_oCosplay Page: Link | Country: USA | Gender: Female|

Happy: When did you begin cosplaying and what got you interested in the hobby?

Alena: I got into cosplaying in 2014, when me and a few of my friends were talking about a local convention. I have always been in love with the cosplaying world since I was in 7th grade and had a friend who went to conventions with her mom, she would come back and show us all the pictures, from that moment I knew I wanted to get into cosplaying.

Happy: What do you remember about your first day cosplaying at a convention?
Alena: One thing I can remember is that I was extremely nervous, in my abomination cosplay…in what was Lizzy’s yellow dress from black butler…, but I remember being so happy that I was finally in a cosplay, with friends all doing characters we loved.

Photographer Credit: Foques

Happy: Is their anyone who really inspires you and why?

Alena: My friends are my biggest inspirations, Gracchus4047 Cosplay, Anastasia V Sweets, and Gesshoku are just three of them.  The reason I choose these three is because both of them have been so positive towards me when it comes to my cosplays. They also are both very big sweethearts and their cosplays are so amazing and I’m happy to call them my friends.

Happy: Have you ever-experienced harassment or bullying while cosplaying? 
Alena: For the most part I have never experienced harassment or bullying, but at Anime Central 2015 I did have a moment of a ‘normie’ messing with me. My best friend and I were about to cross the road to go over to the convention center, when a girl ran up behind me yelling “FLUTTERSHY” , hugged me and yanked at my tail which was only on my cosplay with a safety pin. It scared the crap out of me, and she ran off before I could turn around and see who this person was that almost yanked my tail off. So my besty and I went on our merry way to the convention center.

Happy: Are there things you have learned through this hobby that you never would have guessed to have learned before you started cosplaying? If so what are these new skill traits?

Alena: Painting, I learned that I love to paint. There has been so many times that I have decided that it was so much easier to paint the detail, instead of trying to sew it. Also recently I learned to use photoshop for a particular cosplay that I have been working months on. I already knew a lot of things about photoshop prior to this but it made me learn new skill in how to use it to get the outcome I wanted.

Happy: A lot of people get overwhelmed or ‘brunt out’ over time with this hobby called cosplaying. Have you ever felt that way, or do you feel like you ever would? What would you say to those that maybe feeling burnt out now?
Alena: This hobby can be very overwhelming at times, I have had moments where I would question myself why I was doing this. The best way I get myself back on track is to either one, watch the anime or show i am cosplaying from, or two, watch con videos for the convention you are making this cosplay for. I do these two things when I am feeling overwhelmed because it makes me remember why I am doing it and gives me the little boost I need.

Happy: What is it about cosplaying that you love?
Alena: This one is hard because there are so many things I love about cosplaying. I love that you can get away from life for a weekend or even just a day, and become someone that you aren’t.

Also, After working so many hours on a cosplay, wearing the outfit always makes me so proud of myself and makes me have a huge confident boost.

I might not get pulled over for pictures or I might not wear it every day but just walking around in it makes me feel so happy and amazing that I forget about all the crazy things in life and that’s why I love it.

Photographer Credit:

Happy: What is it about cosplaying you dislike?
Alena: The biggest thing I don’t like about cosplaying is the harassment a cosplayer can get. It might not happen to everyone but hearing stories about it always makes me wonder, who in their right mind would do it.

Happy: Why do you cosplay? Why do you keep coming back to it?  

Alena: I cosplay because it helps me get through the year.  Every time I get into the costume and go to cons I feel like I am at home, and as soon as it’s done I am already getting ready for the next one because I want to be back there.

Happy: Have you ever hurt yourself accidentally or intentionally for cosplay?

Alena: Well I have burned myself multiple times with a hot glue gun, but also when I was working on my kagune for my touka cosplay, I kinda jabbed myself multiple times with the metal wiring I was using.

Happy: Over all how would you rate the cosplay community as a whole?      

Alena: I see the community as very welcoming, always there to give you criticism but not on the negative side I would say, or always out there to help a fellow cosplayer.

Photographer Credit: 

Happy: What are some of your favorite cosplays you have worn?

Alena: Hands down my favorite is fluttershy. Another one of my favorites is my uta that isn’t complete just yet, but I am loving it so much.

Happy: Do you have a dream cosplay you would love to do someday?

Alena: I have many cosplays I want to do and not many of them are what I would call dream cosplays, but if I did count one of them as a dream cosplay it would be Goth Annie from League of Legends or Nora from RWBY.

Happy: What was an amazing experience you had in cosplay that you will never forget?

Alena: Well I have two because I really can’t pick from either or.

Both of them took place at Anime Central 2016. First one was to get one of my closest friends,  I call her my twin, to come from ND and come cosplay with me for her first time and on top of that it was her first convention.  

My second moment was when we were walking through the halls and my friends heard a little girl talking to her mom saying “look it’s fluttershy”. My friends told me so I went back to this little girl and kneeled down and started to talk to her as fluttershy. The smile on her face and the tight hug she gave me reminded me why I love cosplaying.

Happy: Has cosplaying presented you with challenges? If so what sort of challenges? Were they hard to overcome? Are you still working on overcoming them?

Alena: The biggest challenge it has brought up to me is trying to get it done at time. From this challenge I have learned to start with my cosplays many months in advance so that I can have them done by con time.

Happy: What is your favorite convention right now to attend?
Alena: Anime Central, It’s like another home for me.

Happy: What is a convention you would REALLY like to attend one day and why?
Alena: I would really like to attend Anime Expo, with it being one of the other huge conventions I would love to see all the different types of cosplays and different atmosphere it would have.

Happy: What are your future goals with cosplaying?

Alena: I am so excited right now for future goals. This year will be a big one with me leaving the midwest for the first time to go to Sakura-Con in Seattle being one of the biggest ones goals I am about to accomplish.

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