It’s okay to take a break from Cosplay

I might have said it before, but I am saying it again for those that missed it.

It’s okay to take a break from cosplay. Really, it is, and taking a break does not make you weak or inferior to others. Honestly it’s good to have breaks. Below are some pointers for those needing a break, those currently in a break session, and those needing help getting back into cosplay.

Need a break?

Feeling burnt out? Stressed? Exhausted? Overwhelmed? If you are experiencing any of these in excessive amounts (or all of these at once) chances are you need a break. And guess what: YOU EARNED IT! 😀

There is a reason why most jobs offer vacation time, and no it’s not just because we are lazy people and if we don’t get vacation time we will whine and complain. Well…that may be the case with some people and jobs…

No, the real reason is because even your job understands you need time away for yourself. Understand that you’ll be working most (if not all) of your life until retirement (if you can retire…) at some profession. And the daily grind of pushing papers and replying to emails (my job) can become, well…dull. Added work on top of the mountain high work still sitting on your desk can make you stressed out and overwhelmed.

And the same thing can be said of cosplaying, and any hobby really. We all get to a point where we just don’t have as much time as before, or we have far too much happening in our lives that the thought of working on a build or traveling in cosplay every other weekend get’s us stressed out.

Or maybe you get overwhelmed by just ‘how little’ your mind is telling you you have accomplished, and that you should just stop or quit. Where as I don’t endorse the second, I do say listen to the first. If you need to stop and take a break then do it. Just stop. You don’t need to give others a reason, just yourself. Tell yourself why it is you are taking a break. And then ACTUALLY take a break!

And on the topic of self doubt about how much you really do for cosplay let me remind you that as a cosplayer you: are the seamstress, the prop maker, the photographer (selfies anyone?), the make-up and special effects artist, the transporter, the actor/actress, and so much more!!!! You do A LOT!

But what do I do while on break from cosplay?

Destress. Drink green tea, go for more walks during sunrise or sunset. Play with your pets (if you have any), as they would really love some extra attention. Reconnect with long lost friends, or plan some more night’s out to just hang and chill. Catch up on that show you love but have not had the time for. Understand and remind yourself all during your break that you are alright for taking said break, and that you can return whenever you feel like it. There is no deadline, and should you choose to not return but rather instead begin new found hobbies or better the situation you may currently be in tell yourself that is fine.

Take time to meditate, and to search for your life’s purpose if you have not found it already. And don’t be upset if you are still searching later. (Everyone has a purpose! You matter!)

I took a break. But now I want to get back into cosplay. HELP!

Took that much needed and well deserved break only to find you are lacking in the motivation department? Can’t seem to find the energy to pick up the scissors? Allow me to help give you that motivational boost you are needing!

  1. Look at other cosplayers you enjoy following, and check out what they have been up too. Get inspired by them! And be sure to leave them some encouraging comments 🙂
  2. Watch a few cosplay music videos (CMV’s) or tutorials to get that motivation roaring and the need to build back!

When you need the motivation after a break to get back into building another great source is your friends, as well as social media groups to help get inspired.

In the end…

Remember that it really is okay to take breaks. It really is okay if cosplay is no longer your thing. And it’s super okay if you want to share this with a friend to remind them to take breaks 😉

Remember: There is no Cosplay Rule-book and that Cosplay is for everyone!


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