Changes to my Patreon

This blog entry is to explain the recent changes to my Patreon, as well as provides some answers to questions some of you may have. By now you will have seen the newest changes/additions to my Patreon, but if you have not I invite you to take a look

I began researching at the start of January, and have settled on the following: I will now give all monetary support through my Patreon to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

Why the Children’s Hospital of Michigan?

I have been wanting to give back more with this hobby that I do (cosplaying) and decided one of the best ways I could do both that and give back to those that want to support me is make the changes to my Patreon. So now, those that support me through Patreon are in fact helping support the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, and are still gaining access to my Patreon only feed which includes photos and videos not shared on my social media platforms as well as other rewards like signed photo prints, e-signs, birthday videos, posters, and more.

The fact that there are those of you wanting to support me through Patreon has touched my heart and moved me so! I sincerely thank you, and I hope you will continue to be a supporter and help something that is honestly much bigger then I’ll ever be!

What does my support through your Patreon do?

By supporting me through Patreon you are helping the Children’s Hospital of Michigan.
Your contribution will help thousands of children and families each year by funding innovative pediatric research for pediatric cancer, mental illness control and prevention, and sickle-cell awareness, as well as live-saving community outreach initiatives and education.

I currently have two goals through Patreon. The first is to reach $20 a month to give directly to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. The second is to reach $50 a month with your support to give to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, and if we reach that $50 a month I will give $25 a month personally, making the total $75 a month!

What does this mean to my Patreon supporters?

As a supporter you will still gain access to various rewards depending on the tier you are giving in! You may view these rewards on my Patreon (right side).

What if I can’t support?

That’s alright! I understand everyone has a budget. There are lots of other way’s you can help support what I do! Please view my Patreon and look for the ‘More ways to support’ section for links and ways you can help spread positivity, support what I do, and help those in need!



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