15 pictures to help you Fall in Love with Cosplay again

Displayed in this entry are 15 pictures I found (and gave credit to the best of my ability) of cosplayers doing what they love: cosplaying!

It is my wish that in seeing these pictures you will smile, perhaps even laugh, and that it might help you to fall in love with this amazing and creative hobby that is cosplay!

Clicking on the image will take you to where I found them. Otherwise the cosplayer(s) will be credited in the caption.

#15- An adorable Nico Yazawa cosplay

Look at how happy she is!!!!

#14- A well done Goblin King

Cosplayer Unknown: Link to Image

#13- Cosplay does not have an age restriction

So awesome! Cosplayers: Unknown. Image found HERE


#12- Cosplay is for Original Characters and creations too

Eijirō Miyamae wearing his female cosplay and a big hat covered with dolls and other small figurines, complete with live goldfish earrings! Read more HERE



#11- Cosplay helps brings out our inner nerd and love for a character or person

Is this doesn’t just melt your heart then I don’t know what will >///< Image found HERE


#10- Cosplay is about having fun! And when you can share it with someone it makes the experience even more fun!

Words cannot express how much I love this photo! Found HERE


#9- Cosplaying with friends is always super fun

I love this caption! Found HERE


#8- Cosplaying can be funny

Next time, on ‘When chickens attack!!!’ Someone help poor Link! Image found HERE


#7- Cosplaying a mix of two or more characters is very unique, and in the case of this cosplayer super creative!

John ‘Snow’! Cosplayer Yuval Avrami

#6- Cosplaying is not just for humans.

The idea of cosplaying along with your pet is fantastic! Now if only my cat’s would let me dress them up…Photo found HERE


#5- Photo bombing can sometimes be funny.

Cosplayers: Unknown. Image found HERE


#4- Couples Cosplays are a thing! And it’s beautiful

#Goals. Image found HERE


#3- Cosplay is beautiful!

Cosplayer  Rocks her Princess Tiana cosplay!


#2- Cosplaying outside a convention with friends is always fun!


What a great idea! Gather your friends and venture outside a convention in cosplay for some fun! Cosplayers are sadly unknown. Image found HERE

#1- Cosplay for a cause!

Cosplaying to help others always brings a tear to my eye. Image From https://www.pfacsg.com/

Remember: Cosplay is for everyone! Be kind to one another, and look for ways to help better our community and encourage others.

Happy cosplaying!!



Cosplay Amino: HappyCosplayer




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