OnlineCosplays: A Review

UPDATE: I posted this and literally two hours later I get this email saying my package is arriving today. So that must mean when I inquired about it a second time and they ‘resent’ the package that they actually did. Because apparently it arrives today. Will take photos and review if I do in fact recieve it after all this headache.


I will never purchase from this store again. This is a review for an item I never recieved. To those reading this review here is why I will never reccomend OnlineCosplays to others:

I purchased the following item back on September 29th. I was super excited to have this swimsuit and be able to take it to con next year.


Mine was $33.95 and now it’s listed at $37.35.

I kept checking the tracking information and it seemed to never update. So on October 20th I emailed to inquire about the item:

” I have received no updates to my order with you. I ordered back in September.
Can I get a status update or idea of when I will receive this item? Pretty upset that communication on your end has been so slow. I was looking forward to reviewing this for others in the cosplay community”

Received an email response on October 22nd:

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 10.11.24 AM.png
“Hi, This is actually the first email we received from you. Maybe you sent it to a different person? Looking at your order, it seems we missed this order and we are very sorry. We can still ship out now if you would still like it. If not, we can give you a refund. Again, we are very sorry.”

I replied asking for a working tracking number when they FINALLY shipped this item out:


I got this response a day later:

“Hi, we can give you a 5% coupon to compensate. We’re really unsure how we missed that order.”

One again, the tracking information never updated after they ‘sent’ the package. I noticed in this time frame the swimsuit in question disappeared from their website entirely. And on November 7th I emailed again.

I ordered this item back in SEPTEMBER! It was NOT SHIPPED and I contacted you all the middle of October and was told it was forgot, and would be sent then.
The tracking number I was given tell’s me nothing, and I beginning to think this item will never arrive. I would like for someone to check the status of my order, and to get back with me in a timely manner as to it’s status and what’s being done. Not impressed with the service I have received thus far. I ordered in September and it’s now November.”

And I received this reply:

“The usps only updates when it gets to your country. Because of usps, you must wait. I would wait one more week and the status should change. -onlinecosplays”

So I waited. And on November 22nd I emailed again. This is the response I got:


“I need someone to help me. This is the second time I am inquiring about an order I placed with you BACK IN SEPTEMBER. FIRST I was told it never shipped, and that it would be processed two weeks after I ordered it. THEN over a month later I was told to wait a week to check for a status change with usps. Nothing has changed with the tracking, and I am beginning to think you never sent the package. Ordered in September…it’s now November, ALMOST DECEMBER, and nothing.

Someone needs to get in touch with me because I am not happy at all. I wanted to give you all a fair review once I receive the item, and rest assured I will review you. But it would appear I am reviewing for an item I never received and for poor customer services. 
Please check on the status for my order, and let me know whats going on and if you will compensate me or not.
Not a happy customer here.”

Two days later:


“It seems the usps is not being cooperative and is stuck somewhere. We can see now that yes it is lost. We can resend another package. If you prefer a refund, we can send it to you soon.”

To which I told them I wanted a refund now, not weeks later. And surprisingly thats the fastest response I got. Within ten minutes the money was refunded.


“I want a refund before this week is over then. Not soon because your soon is weeks to months.

Full refund please. No desire to order from you if packages are going to never be shipped or lost.”

I am writing this as a warning to those ordering from this site. Now the swimsuit in question is back up and listed on their website for MORE then the cost I originally paid for it.

Communication is a 2/10. This item was never shipped, and it’s very clear they and no intention of ever getting this item to me. After all the troubles they wanted to offer me a 5% discount to purchase something else from them…nice joke.

I will put up screenshots of the emails here on my blog for those wanting to read. I highly suggest looking elsewhere for your items. The same item I wanted from them and never received you can get off other websites in 3-4 weeks. So always check around, and who knows: Maybe you will have better luck with these people than I.



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