I am calling on fellow cosplayers to start spreading love and not hate. This is a challenge for you, and when you succeed in said challenge you are helping bring the Cosplay Community to a better place.


It’s not hard to hate, and for most of us hatred for something or someone comes naturally. It’s a human emotion.

You might hate broccoli. You might hate getting up early. You might hate your ex. Whatever you hate you know the feeling that comes with it. And chances are you hate the feeling of hate, because no one truly likes to feel that way.

Here in the Cosplay Community you see hatred more and more, both online and offline. You’ll find cosplayers hating on other cosplayers for various things like ‘inaccurate cosplays’ or ‘attention seeking cosplays’, and even so low as to hate on a cosplayer due to the cosplayers physical appearance.

I see more negative comments against fellow cosplayers then I do positive comments. You’ll find those who are giving ‘constructive criticism’ when it was not asked for, and then attacking the cosplayer for being ‘too sensitive’ when they gave their unwanted constructive criticism and it was not welcomed.

You’ll find cosplayers who believe that anything store bought is ‘not real cosplay’, and who proceed to harass and bully cosplayers with purchased costumes both online and at conventions. And worse yet, those same cosplayers get away with it when those near by don’t stop and say something.

I challenge you today to take a stand. To spread love instead of hate, and to stand up to those being bullied both online and offline.

Help build this community into a place that is safe from hate. It won’t be easy, and we will always have obstacles including those who want to bring others down. But you can help make a difference.

Share this post or the image on my page and let the cosplayers in your life know you stand on
the side of love and not hate. That you will stand up for them, and that you love their cosplays.

We can agree to disagree on things, but hate should never be the outcome in this community. No matter your disagreements.

Post a photo of yourself holding a sign that reads #SpreadLoveNotHate and share it to either Cosplay Amino or Facebook and I will share your photo and page here on my blog entry and later on my Facebook page! ❤


Cosplay Amino/YouTube/Tumblr/Instagram: HappyCosplayer


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