Wig Review: Sweet Harajuku Original Red BoBo Mixed Lolita Wigs YS078

I will be reviewing various cosplay related products from up and coming sellers to help my fellow cosplayers expand their resources and to help out those of us who are on tight budgets when it comes to cosplay.

The wig I am reviewing today is the Sweet Harajuku Original Red BoBo from mycosplayer.com

See the unboxing video with first impressions of this wig on my YouTube channel HERE! (Link soon!)

The picture on the left is from their website, and the right picture I took using my phone.

The first thing I noticed about this wig was the quality of the wig fiber. It is listed as a ‘Heat Resistant Fiber’, and it is easily shaped and styled. It has a natural curl to the ends of the strands, and the colors are absolutely beautiful! It is a dark red that fades into a softer red and then into a red-orange.


The wig fits my large head, however it just fits. I used bobby pins and one wig clip to help keep it in place. As pictured on their website you can cut the front to have bangs, however I have not done this. I did very minimal styling on the wig, just so I could show you guys what it looks like upon arrival and with just minimal touch ups.

I received this wig about 2-1/2 weeks after it was mailed to me, however I do know the shipping times varies as these wigs do come from over seas. I have heard them taking as long as 3-4 weeks, however that was not the case in the last two orders I placed with them.

This wig came without a wig cap, so keep that in mind when ordering.

The curl at the ends is part of what makes this wig super cute to wear, and honestly I wear this wig outside of cosplaying! I get lots of compliments on it, and it’s super easy to maintain and take care of. No tangling, soft, with only minimal wig fibers falling out.

Overall I would reccomend this wig to my cosplaying friends, or for anyone who wants a cute look for the fall! I would even dare say I would tag this wig as an ‘Autumn’ themed Wig.

My overall score for this wig is as follows. Note: Quality includes wig softness, and the fraying/falling of wig fibers.unnamed-6

Shipping: solid-black-star-clipart-freesolid-black-star-clipart-freesolid-black-star-clipart-free1041-1281041-128

Quality: solid-black-star-clipart-freesolid-black-star-clipart-freesolid-black-star-clipart-freestar-half1041-128

True to Color:solid-black-star-clipart-freesolid-black-star-clipart-freesolid-black-star-clipart-freesolid-black-star-clipart-freestar-half

Sizing: solid-black-star-clipart-freesolid-black-star-clipart-freesolid-black-star-clipart-freestar-half1041-128

Overall score:solid-black-star-clipart-freesolid-black-star-clipart-freesolid-black-star-clipart-freesolid-black-star-clipart-freestar-half



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