‘I love your cosplay!’

In preparing to attend a convention this weekend in Indiana I began to think of more way’s I could engage with others and way’s to help inspire and motivate my fellow cosplayers.

I decided to make ‘I love your cosplay!’ cards that myself and others could hand out throughout the weekend. They are simple cards with those words big and bold to express the truth behind them. Each card features an image of an anime characters forming a heart with their hands, with the tag at the bottom of the card reading ‘If you want you may pass this on!’.

Card’s like these are nothing new. I am not the first to come up with the general idea for them. However as I was making the cards I thought back to a few times that, in thinking back on, I had wished I had someone come and tell me those words.

I preach cosplay is for everyone. But often times certain cosplayers get ‘pushed to the side’ or go ‘unnoticed’, and they may have spent hours creating their cosplay. They may have even ordered it offline and stressed for months about wearing it to con for fear of what others might say only to have no one say anything at all.

These cards will hopefully help break that chain, and help bring a smile to many cosplayers faces throughout the weekend.

My hope is people will continue to share the cards to show other cosplayers at con that they were noticed, and that someone does indeed love their cosplay.

Be a friend to someone today. Reach out to others with friendship and love.



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