Exxxoticaexpo Chicago 2016 [Inside look]

Pre-warning: This is a very quick review and account of exxxoticaexpo, a convention that was held the same time as Anime Midwest this year in Rosemont Illinois. This is intended for mature readers, so please be advised.

To read my review on Anime Midwest please click HERE.


Formally known as just ‘eXXXotica’ by attendees this was a 3 day convention held in the upper part of the Donald E. Stevens center during the same time as Anime Midwest.

Save for one sign (that I noticed) at the foot of the escalators in the convention center lobby you might not of known this convention was even going on. That is unless of course you frequent the groups and pages on facebook for AM, or received any of Ryan Koph’s emails or postings about sharing the space with them.

On the skywalk outside an ad placement for eXXXotica would occasionally pop up, but for the most part signage for this convention was very limited.

Inside is a different story.

At the top of the escalators attendees could see straight ahead is where eXXXotica was held. Checkpoint guards in nice suits carded those entering beyond the glass doors, and black drapes hung beyond them to block what lay beyond the doors.

Once inside, directly to the left, were a few booths to pick up or pay for a pass or to get information at (for what I am unsure).

To the right were two walkways. One for daily attendees and the other I believe was for staff/vendors/and VIP.

What was inside was a little outside of what I expected to find, and yet at the same time I saw a lot of what one would expect at a convention who’s tagline is ‘Sex isn’t a four letter word’.

Vendors were nicely spaced, selling items ranging from ‘toys’ to clothing of all various kinds. One seller, whom I had the privilege of conversing with for a while, was selling handmade jewelry which was very beautiful. When I asked him how his weekend went he responded with a smile ‘well’, and went on to tell me how it seemed they and more people then they had thought they would, and how he was tired.

They had an area that was labeled ‘Dungeon experience’, and from what I could see at the time (nothing was going on this early on Sunday) this area had many large devices that consisted of straps, ropes, and cage like equipment. So you get the picture.

There was a food court, a VIP lounge like area, and booths that provided informational demonstrations and pamphlets depicting said demonstrations for attendees.

There was a large penis, presumably a statue, which I can only assume was there for photo ops, as I am not sure what else it could serve as a purpose with it’s large size…

There was a vendor selling leather items ranging from whips and paddles, to some very beautiful victorian era clothing.

There were shows (not at the time I went), and models/guests who I presume helped put on said shows. I have copied a few items from the websites programming for you below:


  • 1:00 PM
  • Show Floor Open
  • 2:30-3:15
  • Breaking Into The Biz: A How-To Guide To Getting Into The Adult Industry
  • 2:30-3:15
  • Sex & Politics – Who’s Really Getting F***ed?
  • 3:45-4:30


  • 1:00 PM
  • Show Floor Open
  • Dan Diamond (Mood Director) andDJ Geenius

  • 3:15-3:30
  • Hedonism’s Sweet-A** Vacation Giveaway
  • 3:30-4:00
  • Deanna Deadly – Latex/Fetish Performance
  • 4:30-5:00
  • Latin Heat Male Revue

There was also this large structure, what I would describe as an artists take on train tracks rising into the air. I am unsure what it’s purpose was, other than for attendees to climb onto and take photos. But that was near the entrance.

And that is what was inside. Vendors, informative booths, a dungeon, VIP areas, food court, nothing like I what I had originally pictured.

The atmosphere was calm with how early I went, and the vendors were friendly. Even the well dressed staff/security were friendly.

So bring me your rumors, and I will debunk them if it goes against what I saw.

Overall it’s not something I would pay to go into. It’s not something I would have any interest in attending for ‘shows’ or the like either. But it was interesting none-the-less to see, talk with the vendors, and see how the staff handled itself beyond the glass doors.




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