Where’s the love?! A call to arms!

Okay it’s time to be real. Here lately I have been noticing a lot more hate coming from within the cosplay community itself, and this needs to be addressed here and now!

Please consider taking a 3 minute break from whatever you are doing to read this, and to share the following on your social media if you wish to help bring awareness to this issue and challenge others to take a stand against the hate!

Call to arms! End the cosplay hate! I am challenging (Insert/tag friends names here) to join me in taking a stand against the hate coming from within the cosplay community against fellow cosplayers. End the cosplay hate! Love one another, encourage one another, and leave the hate where it belongs: in the trash! Show that you support ending the cosplay hate in the community by going to https://happycosplayer.wordpress.com/2016/06/23/wheres-the-love-a-call-to-arms/ to copy this message and upload a photo of yourself in cosplay holding a #endthecosplayhate sign.

I am serious, the hate coming from within the cosplay community NEEDS TO STOP! And if you are with me, and I mean seriously with me, please copy the above and share it via social media with a photo of you in cosplay with the tag #endthecosplayhate. Challenge your friends to take a stand too!

How am I taking a stand in sharing that?

You are making a public statement via social media that you will not tolerate the hate and harassment going on right now in our community. In posting the above with your picture you are publicly declaring that:

  1. Cosplay is for EVERYONE!
  2. You can be any height, weight, skin color, gender, and so on to cosplay any character!
  3. Harassment by others against a fellow cosplayer, or cosplay, will not be tolerated! It is not okay to belittle someone because they bought/made their costume, spread rumors about a cosplayer, or openly declare hatred for a fellow cosplayer based on the simple fact which is: ‘You don’t LIKE said person’.

This is something that is becoming WAY more of a problem! It is not just those outside the community who are causing this spread of hatred, bullying, and harassment amongst cosplayers and the cosplay community. Now more than ever it seems to be coming from within the community itself: by OTHER cosplayers!

Let me break it down for you real simple. Ready?

Don’t like a cosplayer due to the individuals personality? Don’t follow them. Period. Don’t follow them, and DON’T spread hate about said cosplayer!

Don’t like a particular cosplay someone is wearing for xyz reason? Who cares! The cosplayer is not cosplaying to please you. They are cosplaying for them. So why would you go around saying how much you hate said cosplayers costume?! Be an adult. Move on. If you have nothing nice to say then keep your mouth closed.

Don’t like a cosplayer because they do ‘this’ or ‘that’? Really? I mean…really? If a cosplayer who is known for his/her charity work suddenly decides to change the way they do said charity work then that is not YOUR call what they do. If they decide to start a Patreon, and that bothers you, then don’t take part in supporting said cosplayer through Patreon. But also don’t belittle said cosplayer or hate on them saying ‘if you can’t afford to cosplay then don’t ask others for help’, because often times a cosplayer will start a Patreon because others have said they would like to be a part of what they do in supporting them in this way, and not due to budget issues.

If a cosplayer is known for his/her more revealing costumes and that bothers you then DON’T LOOK! Don’t follow. I mean it, if I suddenly decided to only do ‘sexy’ versions of characters to cosplay as and that offended you in some way then please just stop following me. Because if you have this false mindset that ‘only this is real cosplay’ then just stop right now and allow me to encourage you to go read my blog entry titled: There is no Cosplay Rule-Book!

The more recent hate being spread, as I am sure most of you are aware, is focused again on cosplayer Jessica Nigri.

The amount of cosplayers, keyword is underlined here, who shared these rumors and spread further hate for Jessica on my Facebook newsfeed was downright shocking!!! This woman, no matter your view on her, IS A FELLOW COSPLAYER! I understand she is also a model, and being a model in this community is very cut throat business.

I am not saying you have to like her as a person. I am not saying you have to follow her. What I am saying here is she is a cosplayer, in our community, and she deserves just as much respect and love as the rest of us.

I addressed a few cosplayers who I saw sharing the hate on Facebook myself, and here is a little of what was said (I have screenshots too):


*Shared is the current rumor about Jessica by another cosplayer who uses the words ‘hate and bi–h’ on more than one occasion (referring to Jessica). What follows is what was in the comments of this cosplayers post share*

Person 1: A pretty face will carry people very far. (Person a responds to this: ‘Plastic surgery takes them further’.)

Person 2: So she’s a cosplay supermodel and business woman that only sees fans as a paycheck…and people are shocked about this?

Person 3: People are jealous. She is F—ing sweetheart. Donated 3000 dollars to pulse but oh God she’s such an awful person…Let’s believe everything we read (sarcasm)

Person 4: She donated money that was given to her by someone else, she isn’t a good person, it’s pretty obvious she has a lot of sh–ty receipts on her for a reason.

HappyCosplayer (me): The fact you are posting about a cosplayer like this only proves this point: you are a part of the problem.

Cosplayer 1: Y’all be too much I’m deleting this post. you guy’s literally cant take someones opinion on something without insulting people over it.

This is the more ‘tame’ of the posts I read that day ALONE! So many cosplayers quickly jumped on spreading hate about this woman, stating ‘it’s an opinion’ or ‘it’s true’.

Where as everyone does have the right to their own opinion I want to clarify this: Your own opinion is your right, but when your opinion attacks a cosplayer, or further spreads hate in an attempt to get others rilled up and in turn hate said cosplayer too then no that is not okay. Not at all!

If I have a problem with a cosplayer, for whatever reason, I can be an adult and either ‘address this privately with said person’ (because there is two sides to a coin) or choose to say nothing, and just not follow/support them. You will not find me, HappyCosplayer, spreading hate or rumors about a fellow cosplayer.

So consider taking the pledge with me in helping end the cosplay/cosplayer hate. Confront cosplayers when you see them spreading hate, or rumors, about another cosplayer. Take a stand against bullying, harassment, and hate within our community.

Love one another. Respect one another. And enjoy this hobby and all it has to offer!


My Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/happycosplayer

My Patreon-

Other social links: Tumblr/Instagram/YouTube/Cosplay Amino is all happycosplayer

Cosplayers who have taken the pledge and shared their photo uploads with me be shared can be found here! (These people are wonderful! Check them out!)

Tag #happycosplayer when you take the challenge and share this on your social media and I will add you to this section and link to your page (optional)! Or you can email me the image of you holding the sign at happycosplayer@gmail.com




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