5 Reasons why you should cosplay

HappyCosplayer & LethalPotato (2016)

Remember: There is NO Cosplay Rule-book!

I, HappyCosplayer, am here to give you 5 reasons why YOU should cosplay. Maybe you are brand new to this hobby, and have been tossing this idea around in your head that you want to try cosplaying. Great! Awesome! Please allow me to welcome you!!!

Maybe you are not new to cosplay. Whatever your reasoning for having stumbled upon this blog please read on! I am here to inspire cosplayers. I am here to encourage cosplayers. And I am here to engage with you, and hear from you your thoughts.

So…here are my five reasons why you SHOULD cosplay!

#5. You’ll learn new crafts and perfect old ones!

Yoko Littner Rifle taking form!

It’s true! Most of us did not grow up being taught how to make armor out of foam, sew a pleated skirt (Or a button or Zipper!), Or style wigs that we then wear for several hours in the day.

This is a hobby where you will learn a multitude of things! One of the best things about cosplaying is the vast knowledge you can gain from doing it. You are the prop maker, the seamstress, the director and actor. You are the mechanic, the medic, and the face of a community that is often misunderstood or portrayed in poor light.

Some, if not most, of what you will learn through cosplay can be carried over and used in ‘normal life’. Even your career can be affected in a good way thanks to cosplay, and vise versa. You will always find obstacles, but you won’t see them like this. You’ll see them as challenges, as a physical class that appears like a side quest in an MMO. Something new for you to acquire, and better yourself with.

#4. You’ll get ‘out of the rut’.

HappyCosplayer as Rin Nohara from Naruto Shippuden (2014)

We are guilty of getting ‘stuck in the rut’, or routine of life. We wake up, brush our teeth, Eat (maybe), go to work/school, Eat again (maybe), come home and do some other form of work, and then go to bed only to wake up and do it all over again.

Another great reason why you should cosplay is this: It breaks up the norm.

It provides you with a creative outlet with endless possibilities, lasting friendships, and a (typically) weekend adventure away from the norm.

You’ll have adventures, drama, excitement, and new experiences with cosplay. You’ll learn new things when attending conventions in cosplay, things you might not learn outside of cosplay or a convention unless you did some searching or YouTubing online.

It is seriously like a mini-vacation where you are not just going someplace by yourself or with a select few, but with hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of other people who share similar interests and who just want to escape from the state of the world for a weekend.

#3. You’ll make new friends.

HappyCosplayer with friends LethalPotato and Japanicana83 (2016)

Maybe you are like me, and had trouble once you reached a certain age making friends. Or, like in my case, keeping them. Another beauty about cosplay and why you should cosplay is this simple fact: You WILL make new friends!

I can guarantee you will not leave a convention without meeting at least one person and exchanging names/numbers/social contacts. And I can also guarantee that with cosplay you WILL be remembered! If you continue to frequent conventions in cosplay then other ‘frequent fliers’ will remember you! And chances are you’ll be known by your cosplay more so than your real name, because that is the first thing you are associated by is your costume.

These friendships may be fleeting, just like most middle schools and high schools, but chances are you are bound to make some lasting friendships while attending conventions or while in cosplay at conventions.

Friends make the experience of a convention, the hobby of cosplaying, so much more fun and important. If you are shy then no worries! Most fellows cosplayers understand that, and will try to make sure you feel comfortable without being overbearing.

It really doesn’t matter if you are shy, outgoing, awkward, or consider yourself weird or a nerd…a convention, and cosplay, is for you! It’s for anyone and everyone!

When I was young I was told I was a very outgoing child. I would go swimming at the local public pools and make friends with random children there and exchange phone numbers or ‘playdates’. I spent a lot of time outdoors and at the park making friends with the children and teenagers there. However I reached a point where I was not as outgoing as I once was, and the friendships that I thought were good suddenly were one sided.

With cosplay I hope you’ll find what I and most others have, which is lasting friendships with people who not only enjoy the time they spend with you, but already plan and look forward to next time.

#2. You’ll become more sociable.

HappyCosplayer prepares to ‘fight’ a minion as Madara Uchiha from Naruto (2014)

It’s easy to be sociable online. You are protected behind a screen, and in the comfort of your home. Nobody know’s who you are (not really), and you can choose to log in or out if a topic or debate no longer interests you.

Technology is a double edged sword. But one of it’s greatest downfalls is no matter how ‘connected’ we are (wifi, newest devices, multiple platforms for communication) we actually begin to become ‘disconnected’.

It’s easier to send a text then a call, even though the later literally takes 2-3 clicks, and the text takes a lot more depending on the length of text.

It’s easier to shoot a friend an email rather then call them up, or take 5 minutes to write up a note asking for a good meet-up date. We have become so dependent on these advances and the connivence of technology that when it comes to being sociable offline we tend to freeze up. We get stage fright. We may lash out, or close up to the world and people around us.

However, another great reason why you should cosplay is this: You will become more sociable.

You will learn (or in some cases re-learn) how to be sociable in ‘the real world’. You’ll be surrounded by people, cosplayers, who want to talk about their interests and hear about yours. They will want to do photoshoots with you. They may want to sit and have an in-depth conversation with you and really get to know you. Or, they may want to find someone who they feel comfortable talking to, and expressing the problems they are having or the joys life has brought them recently.

You can’t just hit a like button, you send a friend request. And this is another reason why you should cosplay. Don’t allow the comfort or security of being behind a computer or phone keep you from cosplaying or being around others with similar interests. Instead, go out, cosplay, and make friends! Save a life! Enjoy your own.

#1. You’ll learn more about yourself!

HappyCosplayer as Yoko Littner with her Love Johnny12ck as Kamina (2916)

It’s true. Cosplay is a great way to discover more about yourself.

People will say things like ‘I am trying to find myself’, and there are many way’s people will tell you later as to how they found themselves. Some might say through a life or death situation they had. Others might say they found themselves through another, be it a spouse, friend, or family member.

Whatever your reasoning for cosplay I can tell you from experience you will learn more about yourself along the way. And this is a great thing! An invaluable asset, one you should acquire at some point in your life.

Not all of us are born and grow up knowing what we want to do, who we want to marry, or who we are. In a world with so many people it’s easy to compare yourself, and wonder if you matter or what your purpose is. And with cosplay you may just find your answer to a purpose.

But one thing is for sure you will learn more about yourself. Your fears. Your strengths. Your gifts and talents.

And although it’s not in this official 5 reasons list it should come as no surprise that you should cosplay to have fun! You should cosplay for you, and because YOU enjoy it. Not just 1625600_1121696177862442_6728383032041367625_nfor the entertainment or joy of others, but for you. The person who spent the hours planning, and buying the pieces or making them by hand. The person wearing the costume. Not the person taking the photo, or critiquing your costume.

Stay positive! Stay strong! Know you are loved by me, and by many other cosplayers in the community who want to see you shine, see you discover more about yourself, and who want you to enjoy this hobby for all the good it brings and is at it’s core.

Please if you have not go to the top and click on the link to my blog entry titled There is no Cosplay Rule-book and read it! It’s important to not fall for these lies.

And until next time everyone, happy cosplaying!



Want to help support me as a cosplayer? https://www.patreon.com/HappyCosplayer?ty=h


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