Who you look up to in cosplay and why it is important to choose positive role-models in the community.

Out of all the entries I have made so far this to date is the most important one, and I hope you will take the time to read it entirely and consider the following questions:

Who is your cosplaying role-model?


What doe’s that say about you?

Now we all have people we look up to. They inspire us, encourage us, and call on us to get out of our comfort zones and try new things. They come in the form of parents, siblings, family members, friends, historical figures, and yes even other cosplayers.

But what many of us don’t pause to think about is why do we look up to said cosplayers? What makes them special in the sense you call them your role-model, or your inspiration?

Is it because they have years of experience? Is it the techniques they use? Is it because they have 5,000+ likes or followers on social media? Is it because they have been labeled a ‘professional cosplayer’ or ( I hate this one) ‘one of the elite’?

Why do you look up to the cosplayers you do? Why do you consider them your role-models?

Do they inspire you with messages of having self-worth? Do they remind you that you are beautiful, and that cosplay know’s no limits to weight/height/race/gender? Do they encourage you to press on when frustrated with a build, to try new techniques, or to cosplay for yourself instead of others?

If you answered no then chances are your role-model for cosplaying is not much of a role-model at all. 

They are most likely like the below described ‘role-model’ in the community.

Do they post DAILY random selfies that are obviously for attention and have little/nothing to do with cosplay? (Usually associated with the text of ‘Do I look cute today? #cosplay #maybecute #itswinter)

Do they make posts for people to purchase prints of them in cosplay so they can use that money towards conventions/cosplay? (Usually the ‘sexy kind, but not always)

Do they poke fun at other cosplayers? Do they ever highlight another cosplayer and praise them? Do they only talk about themselves? Are the focused on the likes or number of followers they have?

If your cosplaying role-model is concerned with self, lacks encouragement, or only inspires others by the fancy stuff they make then I hate to be the one to tell you but I will anyway: They are not much a role-model.

This entry is calling on you to consider who your role-models are and why they are your role-models.

If you answer simply ‘because they make awesome stuff’ then allow me to strongly encourage you to look for cosplayers who not only ‘make cool stuff’ but encourage others, and inspire daily. Who are not concerned with becoming ‘Popular’ or one of the ‘Elite’.

Cosplayers should not be using their ‘fame’ in the community to promote self, or to ask for money, or to post random selfies or videos that have nothing to do with encouraging others or inspiring new comers. If that is your goal as a cosplayer, then I can guarantee I will not be following you, or liking your page. And hopefully, with the JUSTCOSPLAY movement, others will also stop looking up to people who are in it for the attention or the popularity, and start encouraging one another and being positive role-models for others within the community and outside the community.

Until next time, happy cosplaying.



Nominate up to 3 cosplayers for the ‘Positive Cosplayer’ award now throguh December 31st HERE.




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