Learn to Budget your Cosplays- Easy steps

You already budget for things in your life. Your car, living space, insurance, food, and clothing just to name a few. If you are new to budgeting you may not know how serious sticking to your budget is. This blog entry will hopefully remind you to stick to your budget, and I will offer you some tips and great resources that I use when it comes Cosplay Budgeting.

Cosplay is one expensive hobby. It doesn’t have to be, but the costs of various tools/products does add up. Be smart about your money, learn to budget. If you budget cosplaying correctly you will have more money to use for future conventions and cosplays, as well as learn valuable things to help keep you smart about spending your money.

The first thing I can tell you is Budget the cosplay you are making/buying. If you save a set amount each week/month and put that into a cosplay fund this can help you see just how much you get on a weekly/monthly bases to spend on cosplay alone. Figure out the cosplay you want to do and set an amount you can spend in total on the cosplay. DO NOT CHANGE THIS AMOUNT. If you end up spending less that’s great, and really is the goal of good budgeting. If you ever find yourself going over or changing the set amount to be higher then the original you are not practicing good budgeting. And it will come back to hurt you.

Keep track of how much you spend on the cosplay as you go. If you notice certain stores have sales or coupon deals going on see if any products you need can be found there to help save. If you are like me and budget in buying a wig and contacts for the cosplay then keep an eye on special deals through well known cosplay related websourses like Arda-Wigs.com and pinkyparidise.com because you could end up saving on shipping through special deals, which instantly saves you a good $8-15 dollars.

There is this AMAZING app that not allot of people know about. I have been using it for years and never plan on getting rid of it. Its called Cosplanner and was delayed and designed by Cato Kusangi. It can be downloaded and installed for free on mobile devices in the app store. What it does is allow you to create a list of cosplays you plan on doing and insert items needed for the cosplay under ‘Buy’ Or ‘Make’ tabs. You can set an estimated price for buy or make and can checkmark it once the item has been bought/made as well as adjust the price to what you ended up paying. You can also upload reference pictures and have a start-end date for that cosplay. It even gives you a percentage of where your cosplay is at as you begin to make changes to it.

It is a highly useful and dependable app that really does help you keep on track and budget your cosplay. I saved over $50 using this app because it helped me keep on track, and I ended up buying less then I originally needed which is what saved me money in the end. So I highly recommend you get this free app if cosplaying is going to become a regular hobby.

Also keep in mind that if you plan on cosplaying at conventions you will need to budget on hotels, gas, and food. I left out vendors hall because I don’t count that into my budgeting. If I have anything extra left over I usually denote that as my spending money for vendors hall.

There are lots of great tips for budgeting. I just hope this was of help to someone.

Until next time everyone, happy cosplaying!



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