‘The Sexy’ Cosplays.

This entry will focus on one aspect of cosplaying today, and that is ‘The Sexy’ Cosplays.

This is becoming more and more popular due partially by the increase in feminism. Yes I said it. And before you get all confused let me explain.

The rise in feminism, in that females need to be treated on equal levels with males, I believe has effected the Cosplaying Community in a positive way. More ‘Sexy’ cosplays are emerging, and like it or not they will not be going away anytime soon.

The reason why: Because more and more women are standing up for their rights and will not back down.

But as I said, the main focus is on ‘The Sexy’ cosplay, so I will not dedicate the entirety of this entry on feminism. Because as we all know ‘The Sexy’ cosplay doesn’t have to be just female.

A sexy cosplay could be when a certain character is used in a way thats meant to be more alluring to others. It can also be a way of showing a cute, vulnerable side to the character. And for allot of people, it’s just in their character to look cute and sexy all the time. And still, for others, its just a way to be different from their normal selves.

Either way I find the sexy cosplays to be, well, sexy! Now I personally believe some Sexy Cosplays go too far, however I will not condemn those that do Sexy Cosplays.

Even if you don’t cosplay the ‘Sexy’ versions please remember the following when at a convention surrounded by ‘Sexy Cosplays’;

1. Be respectful. Calling a cosplayer a Slut, Whore, or anything else because of their cosplay is not only disrespectful its degrading. How dare you judge someone. So please choose your words, and be respectful of space. It really doesn’t matter the cosplay type…never put your hands on a cosplayer. Ask to put an arm around them for a picture. Ask for a hug. But please be respectful of personal space.

2. DO NOT assume the person cosplaying as ‘Sexy Poison Ivy’ is comfortable with you saying things to her ‘character’ (i.e. innuendos). It may be the first time the person has ever left the comfort of their house in such an outfit, and perhaps they don’t know all the pickup lines used against said character. Assume its their first ‘Sexy Cosplay’. Thats what I do until I get to know the person more. Less room for judgements then.

3. Compliment them. If you truly love the Sexy version of the character they are cosplaying as let them know. It’s not always easy doing a Sexy Cosplay at a convention. But with more compliments the persons confidence is built up.

Now it’s becoming more of a ‘big deal’ for Sexy Cosplays at conventions due to the increase in Rules and staff at conventions enforcing these rules. Please note the following however if you plan on Cosplaying at your next convention, in Sexy versions or not;

STAFF ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LAY HANDS ON YOU. Unless its stated otherwise (which to my knowledge I know of no conventions where this is allowed) staff are not allowed to put hands on you to remove you from con. I’m not saying resist being removed for whatever reasons. However its important that you know this is not okay.

Always check the rules for the convention you are attending. I would say more about the uprise in Enforced Cosplay rules at conventions (mainly the larger ones) but I will leave that for another entry.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and take its message to heart and remember The Sexy cosplays are people too and should be treated with respect.

Until next time everyone, happy cosplaying!



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