What cosplaying has taught me.

I decided I would write an article about what Cosplaying has taught me over the years. I hope it serves as an inspiration for you to not give up doing what you love, and to strive to always better yourself.

I was introduced to cosplaying a few years back. I knew cosplay existed. But what I did not know at the time was how diverse, and challenging this hobby was.

Cosplaying taught me quickly to get out of my comfort zone. Often we get so muddled up in the daily routines. We get up, go to work, stop by the store, pay our bills, go to bed, and repeat this cycle. Often we forget to stop and actually have a conversation with the gas station clerk who you purchase coffee from every weekday morning, or with any human being outside our ‘groups’ of friends.

You really cant appreciate how cosplay reminds you to slow down and enjoy the moment as it’s happening and embrace it, until you have this realization that outside of the cosplaying life you are stuck in the boring mundane of routines. 

Cosplaying allows you to. And in doing so it allows you to get out of that comfort zone you are stuck in. You will talk to more strangers in one day at a convention then you may for an entire week of your normal life. You’ll meet all sorts of personalities, in all walks of life. 

Take this great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Talk to someone new. Experience and learn new things while cosplaying.

I also learned from cosplaying that not everyone cosplays for the same reasons. This may seem obvious at first, but the longer I cosplay the more I see just how many different reasons people have for it.

It may be in many cases for the attention, or the drive to always look like the most hardcore cosplayer at con. It may be because a friend cosplays and doesn’t or can’t do it alone, so they cosplay along with.

On a deeper note it may be to escape the harsh reality they are currently living in. An abusive home setting where one weekend’s escape helps them to survive in a harsh environment.

Just to be around people with similar interests is a main reason why so many cosplay. Whereas none of these per say are bad reasons for cosplaying, I just encourage you personally to look at the core reasons, the mean reasons, why you cosplay.

Cosplaying has taught me to not only get out of my comfort zone, and explore the core reasons why I cosplay. It has also taught me that bullying and harassment still exist in the adult world, especially in the cosplay world.

I always felt that as an adult this sort of thing begins to fade away. But that is not always the case. Granted most convention goers are in the teen age and college age (I am aware the much younger and elder attend as well) and this sort of thing is not uncommon for those age groups. Never the less, cosplaying has taught me that harassment and bullying still go on. It has taught me to stand up for myself and others around me, particularly those in more ‘risky’ (or even less risky!) cosplays.

Cosplay has taught me to not be afraid of the sewing machine. It is my friend after all! 

Cosplay has taught me various crafting skills. I can make some wicked cool stuff out of craft foam/EVA/and Worbla, like my Black Rock Shooter canon. How cool is that?!

Cosplay has taught me that friendship is magic. Well, maybe not magic but you get me right? The friendships I have made while cosplaying have been stronger and lasted longer then some of my more pervious friendships. People grow older (naturally), and their hobbies and interests change. It’s only natural is some friendships don’t last. 

Cosplay has taught me to be myself, but at the same time explore who I am while ‘being’ someone else. To push my boundaries, get out of my comfort zone, and reminds me that it’s okay to be silly and do something out of the ‘ordinary’ for a weekend.

So…why do YOU cosplay? What has cosplaying taught you?!

Until next time everyone, happy cosplaying!




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