5 Steps to having fun while at an Anime Convention

Believe it or not not everyone has as great a time at Anime Conventions as others.

This could be in part due to high expectations of the convention beforehand and being severely disappointed with the end results. 

However if you go to a convention with the intent of having fun I know you will! The only way you wouldn’t is if your version of fun goes against what the convention would not deem ‘legal’.

With that said, here is 5 steps if you follow I guarantee you will have a fun time at your upcoming convention and future conventions to come!

5. Download the schedule of events before con (if available).

Knowing what events and concerts are happening at the convention before hand will help you to make the most of  your convention, and therefore have as much fun as you can in one weekend. You should get a booklet of events once at con, but it doesn’t hurt to know an idea of what events are happening sooner.

4. Arrive early.

Arriving to the convention early gives you some major pluses. One being if you arrive a day early you can almost always find others attending the convention a day early and make new friends by hanging with them. Another reason why arriving early can make your convention more fun is it allows you to explore the area and know where things are. And arriving early as most everyone knows helps reduce the tim spent in line waiting on badge pickup. Every convention is different, but arriving early (be it a day or the morning of con) is definitely something I recommend highly.

3. Make new friends.

Don’t go to a convention with the intent on just hanging with your ‘homies’. Break away from the groups and meet new people! Form new groups, or combine your new friends with old (hopefully they all get along together). You are going to a convention where people with similar interests are, what better opportunity to meet people then here!

2. Plan on trying something new!

My friend Alan recommended I try attending a panel for either something I knew next to nothing about or overlooked before, just to try something new. And it’s actually a really fun thing to do! Attending a panel, meetup, or even just trying some Japanese Snacks for the first time will help ensure you have even more fun at your upcoming convention.

1. Drink LOTS of water!

In one of my previous posts I shared this advice as well, but I felt it needed to be said again. Drinking lots of water while at your convention WILL help ensure you have a good time.

You may be asking ‘Happy, Are you obsessed with water or something?’ and the answer would be yes. At a convention you are constantly walking/standing/posing for pictures(Cosplay typically) and sometimes you get so caught up in the excitement you may forget this basic substance your body needs. You may not ‘feel’ dehedrated or that you need water, but you do. Plain and simple. If you fail to take care of your body while at a convention you will pay for it *cough* con sickness *cough*.

A good rule of thumb is whenever you see the free water table, or walk past a drinking fountain, you drink some. Doesn’t have to be a whole cup, and you may not even be ‘thirsty’. But do it, JUST DO IT!

Sorry…got caught up in the Anime Midwest event again…

Happy Cosplaying, everyone!



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