5 Tips for a first time cosplayer

Here are my top 5 tips for those new to cosplaying. They may seem like common sense, others not so much, but none the less don’t let yourself forget!

5. Contacts.

If you plan on wearing contacts for your cosplay I have a HUGE tip for you. My first tip is for those that are brand new to wearing contacts, and the second tip is for those who have worn contacts before (but not on a daily basis);

Tip 1: Don’t be scared of contacts, but do be weary. As with anything near your eyes you should be cautious. Do not buy a pair of contacts and then attempt to put them in. Believe it or not your eyes are unique, and not all contacts are the same size. You should see your eye doctor (or head over to walmart and get an eye exam) to find out exactly what the diameter of your eyes are. They can even help you practice putting contacts in, and offer you advice and tips!

Tip 2: If you are like me and don’t wear contacts on a daily basis this is the BIGGEST ADVICE I CAN GIVE YOU!!! So listen up! Wear your contacts for a few hours a day for the week (or a few days) leading up to the convention you are attending. This allows your eyes to get used to wearing them again, and allows you to wear them longer at con without much/any discomfort.

4. Posing for Pictures.

I had no idea about posing. To be honest when I first cosplayed I was not expecting to have my picture taken! So I just smiled, and stood there like a statue. My advice if you are new to cosplaying is learn some poses! Practice striking a few poses that your character might do if asked for a photo. Make it fun! You can thank me later ^^

3. Water is your friend.

A good rule of thumb is if you walk by a drinking fountain or free water table, DRINK! You will get dehydrated very quickly at a convention, especially the more elaborate your cosplays is, and if the fabrics don’t breath well. Energy drinks, Coffee, and Soda actually help dehydrate you more. So really, water is your best friend at a convention while in cosplay!

2. You can say no.

If someone wants a picture and you are in a hurry to get somewhere it’s okay to say no. Just do it politely. “I’m sorry, I’m late for (panel/meeting a friend/so on). If you catch me later I will be willing to let you take my photo!” and go on. It’s also okay to say no to having your photo taken while sitting down relaxing/eating. To be honest its kinda rude when people ask a cosplayer this who is obviously taking a moment to chill.

AND it is also more than okay to tell someone ‘no’ when it comes to something you are not comfortable with. Maybe they want a picture with you, and they slide their arm around you. Maybe they hug you without asking. NEVER allow someone to do something you are not comfortable with. And if they try to pressure you into a fan service photo and thats not your thing just walk away. Anyone who tries to pressure you into something like that is not worth another moment of your time.

1. Have fun!

Its a convention! You may be going through some hard times back home. But enjoy your weekend getaway! Make new friends! And have fun cosplaying!

Until next time everyone, Happy Cosplaying!



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