Cosplaying IS for EVERYONE!


A common misconception about cosplaying is only certain individuals may do it. I am here to tell you this is completely false, and anyone who say’s otherwise is not worth telling the time too.

I have seen so many people comment or share online that they ‘wanted’ to cosplay, but they were not ‘cosplay material’. I’ve even heard it verbally from friends and people I’ve only just met. Many claim that due to their body shape they would be deemed ‘unfit’ to cosplay the character(s) they would want to cosplay as. Some even go far as saying they would like to cosplay but don’t feel they would be any ‘good at it’, and therefore they ‘just don’t’. How sad!

The whole needing to be ‘good at it’ is utter trash. First off, everyone defines something good differently. So ones take on a good cosplay may be different then your own. We need to stop labeling certain cosplayers as ‘good’ and others as ‘average’. ALL COSPLAYS ARE GOOD. And here are my five reasons why.

5. Time was put into it.

You may think it weird that someone made up their character and is now cosplaying it, and that the character happens to have tentacles for arms along with a dog’s tail complete with mix matched colors of browns and grays for a body. But believe it or not most (if not all) cosplays are made with time. Like all hobbies someone took time out of their day (their lives!) to create what they are wearing. No matter how strange or out there. Respect the fact time was put into it.

4. Skill levels are ALL different.

You might be thinking ‘Come on Happy, thats obvious when you look at a cosplay’, but hear me when I say this; Even someone with a skill level that might have been ranked as Master in competitions will look different when compared to another Cosplay or the same skill level. This is common sense. We all start somewhere, and no matter your skill level you and someone else of the same skill level will be totally different. So how dare we judge a cosplay  as ‘good’ and another as ‘average’ when both are in the same level of skill, just one looks more appealing to your eyes?

3. Consider the cosplayers personal feelings.

He or she may feel great pride in what they have made, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you. They learned something new. They applied it. And now they are out showcasing it proudly. You wouldn’t go and degrade the child who just learned to ride a bike simply because you don’t like his bike would you? I would hope not! You would congratulate the child on a job well done. He learned something new and was showcasing it, much like cosplayers do everyday. 

2. Budgeting can be hard.

Like it or not we can’t all afford to purchase Worbla or Fabrics at full price. But just because you can’t afford what is considered mainstream ‘high end cosplay equipment’ shouldn’t mean your cosplay is any less amazing then those that can and build with it. Allot of cool things can be made with cheaper equipment, and with enough skill and practice you can make your stuff just as ‘fancy’ as those that spend hundreds into making a cosplay do. Your goal should not be to spend hundreds to look ‘Amazing’. Your goal should be to please your own expectations and to push yourself to learn new things and to enjoy the cosplaying experience without fear of being judged. 

1. The passion.

When I can see the passion in the cosplayer and the joy they get from wearing their costume that just helps reiterate everything I have been saying. All Cosplays are good. The passion is there. The drive to learn more, to do more, is a beautiful thing. When you see a cosplayer who is only concerned with how they look and in looking accurate this is a sad thing. They almost appear dead to me…sort of lost in a self centered daze. They have taken the joy out of cosplaying. The meaning out of cosplaying. But the passion, to come home from your 12 hour shift and begin working 4 hours on your cosplay; Thats passion. To be willing to try new techniques and learn how to use new tools to better your cosplaying skills; Thats passion. When you are wearing your cosplays proudly without fear of the so called ‘cosplayers’ who judge you as ‘average’; Thats passion!

I cannot stress it enough. Anyone can cosplay. ANYONE. No matter your skill level. No matter your Gender. No matter your body type. No matter your budget.

Break down the false teaching that not everyone can cosplay, or that you are ‘doing it wrong’. Cosplay! Go! And enjoy what you do! Make it a passion!


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